I’m executive director of the Ctr. for Communication & Civil Renewal (CCCR) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I consult for researchers and groups advancing democratic rights & representation.

I earned my Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan following a B.A. in journalism & political science from the University of Wisconsin. I grew up in Wisconsin, mostly in Appleton.

My CCCR collaborations focus on understanding the roles of political communication ecologies in contentious political environments, along with challenges to democracy in WI and beyond.

My work on violent partisanship, election rejection, and the roles of white supremacy, Christian nationalism, and patriarchy driving extremism today continues with Lilliana Mason.

My other big project, America’s Democratic Revolutions, maps local, state, and national prospects for US democratization (representation & rights), including past and present public support and interviews with movement leaders on prospects and strategies for success.

Before returning to WI, I was associate professor of political communication & an associate dean of undergraduate studies at LSU.

When I’m not doing political science, I enjoy playing with my kids, indoor rock climbing, disc golf, making music, and time outdoors. I’m passionate about making our world better. I’ve been vegetarian since 2002.