American Politics

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Spring 2016 Syllabus
Additional Readings (optional)
TalkBack Paper Details
Exam 1 Study Guide  Exam 2 Study Guide Exam 3 Study Guide

Tracking 2016: Republican Nat’l Polls, Democratic Nat’l Polls, Fundamentals, Betting Market538 Models & Tracking

Slides & Additional Readings (PDF format): 

Intro: AmPol 1-11-16

Voting, Campaigns, & ElectionsVoter IDAmPol 1-13-16
AmPol 1-18-16 The Gamble Ch. 1 AmPol 1-20-16 AmPol 1-22-16
AmPol 1-25-16 AmPol 1-27-16 AmPol 1-29-16
AmPol 2-1-16 AmPol 2-3-16
Optional: Gerrymander  2016 Candidates Delegate Math Delegate Math 2

Exam 1: Fri., Feb 5

Logic: AmPol 2-8-16 Optional: Feuding Fathers

Constitution: AmPol 2-10-16 AmPol 2-12-16 AmPol 2-15-16
Optional: OriginalismOriginal Intent?, Revolutionary Mistake?

Federalism: AmPol 2-17-16 AmPol 2-19-16 AmPol 2-22-16 Fed $
Optional: Age Debate

Civil LibertiesAmPol 2-24-16AmPol 2-26-16Guns
Optional: Surveillance, Surveillance #2, Hiding OnlineFree Speech

Civil RightsAmPol 2-29-16AmPol 3-2-16
AmPol 3-14-16AmPol 3-16-16AmPol 3-18-16
AmPol 3-21-16 Privilege? Optional: Wealth Gap, Police shootings

Exam 2: Wed., Mar. 23

Congress: AmPol 3-30-16, AmPol 4-1-16 AmPol 4-4-16 Monday: ObamacareKill Bill Answer Key
Optional: Obamacare #2,  Obamacare #3

Presidency: AmPol 4-6-16 Monday: AmPol 4-11-16 Rise of ISIS,
Optional: Doomed? Doomed 2? Not Doomed?Foreign Policy

Bureaucracy: AmPol 4-13-16 AmPol 4-18-16 IRS article, IRS 2

JudiciaryAmPol 4-20-16AmPol 4-25-16
Optional: Criminal Law, Scalia-Ginsburg, Supreme Court Nominees, Language in Law, Partisan Judicial Politics

PartiesAmPol 4-27-16AmPol 4-29-16

Interest GroupsAmPol 5-2-16
Optional: Energy Policy, Oil Business   Same-sex marriage Budget & debt deal  Noel – “10 Things” Immigration,  Immigration 2;

AmPol 5-4-16

Fri., May 6, 9 am: Exam 3. Good luck on finals!

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