Replication Files

Replication files are posted below for my published work. These include links to the raw data and coding script for variables and analysis.

Note on Use: Scholars may analyze data I personally collected for private use. Extensions and other analysis with these data must first receive my permission and citation if they are intended for public presentation (e.g. article, conference, blog). For the sake of transparency, presenting basic replication and robustness checks does not require permission, but I would appreciate prior notification as a professional courtesy. Data collected with coauthors requires their additional permissions. Use of these data implies agreement with these conditions. Email with any questions. 

Pingree et al. 2019. Checking facts and fighting back: Why journalists should defend their profession. PLOS ONE.

  • Email Ray Pingree for materials (

Nathan P. Kalmoe. 2019. Speaking of parties: Dueling views in a canonical measure of sophistication. Public Opinion Quarterly.

Nathan P. Kalmoe, Raymond J. Pingree, Brian Watson, Mingxiao Sui, Joshua Darr, & Kathleen Searles. 2019. Crime news effects & democratic accountability: Experimental evidence from repeated exposure in a multi-week online panel. International Journal of Public Opinion Research     Online Appendix.

Nathan P. Kalmoe. 2019. Mobilizing voters with violent metaphors.  Political Science Research & Methods.

Nathan P. Kalmoe, Joshua R. Gubler, & David A. Wood. 2018. Toward conflict or compromise? How violent metaphors polarize partisan issue preferences. Political Communication.

  • See journal website for replication files.

Nathan P. Kalmoe. 2017. Digital news-seeking during wartime: Unobtrusive measures of Pakistani & American attention to drone strikesJournal of Information, Technology, & Politics.

Nathan P. Kalmoe & Kimberly Gross. 2016. “Cueing patriotism, prejudice, & partisanship in the age of Obama: Experimental tests of U.S. flag imagery effects in presidential elections.” Political Psychology.

Joshua R. Gubler & Nathan P. Kalmoe. 2015. “Violent rhetoric in protracted group conflicts: Experimental evidence from Israel and India.” Political Research Quarterly.

  • Data are from 1 Israel Midgam collection & 1 India MTurk collection (contact Josh Gubler for files)

Joshua R. Gubler, Nathan P. Kalmoe, & David A. Wood. (2015). “Them’s Fightin’ Words: The Effects of Violent Rhetoric on Ethical Decision Making in Business.” Journal of Business Ethics. 

  • Data are from 2 MTurk collections (contact David Wood for files)

Nathan P. Kalmoe. (2015). “Trait Aggression in Two Representative U.S. Surveys: Testing the Generalizability of College Samples.”  Aggressive Behavior.

Nathan P. Kalmoe. (2014).  “Fueling the Fire: Violent Metaphors, Trait Aggression, and Support for Political Violence.” Political Communication.

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